Snow Family of  Dry Creek

In 1806 Ebenezer and Sally and their family came to Dry Creek, Two caves provided a place for Ebenezer to stable his horses. Ebenezer and his family were probably the first settlers of the upper end of Dry Creek as it had been Indian territory until October 1805.

Narrow hollows near the caves


more to come soon



  1. JAMES SNOW of Pendleton, Kentucky. The 1820 Delinquent Tax List – Pendleton, Kentucky, records ‘James Snow to Tennessee’ – Does anyone have a record of James Snow in Tennessee? Thank you.
    Bill Covington, Leeds, Yorkshire, England.

  2. I’m the son of Charlie Snow. Wiley Snow Sr. was my father’s first cousin. He told me a lot of stories about growing up on Dry Creek.

    • So that would make us Third cousins Would that be right.
      Good to hear from you.

      Wiley Dwain Snow

      • Was it Dr. Charles Francis Snow
        I got a photo of him And his Daddy Samuel Snow

      • Yes it would. My dad was Charlie D Snow. Your grandfather and my grandfather were brothers. My grandfather was Sam Houston Snow. I was at the 1993 reunion in Lebanon. I think it was Eleanor’s house. Nice to hear from you.

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